How To Properly Hang A Hammock

There are some tips to guide you how to hang a hammock, by these instructions you will find it is easy to hang the hammock! The direction of these to keep in mindis necessary before you shop a hammock. Choose a company with good customer service so that you can ask them if you want. You should also remember to check if they provide any equipment you might need to hang a hammock.

The first thing is to decide where you want to hang a hammock. If you have strong roots of large trees, as well as measuring the distance between them. In general, you want nothing more than a foot in length hammock to hang a hammock spreader bar and these measurements must be accurate in order to avoid the drop.

camping hammock

When buying hammock rope, consider to select ones as long as at least two thirds of the length of the hammock, separated by about a foot of a tree. If the distance between your trees is too far, you can buy a chain or rope to make a bridge. No matter what type of hammock you choose, to keep your head 30 feet above a hammock is very important to hang a hammock. If your tree is less than the length of the head of the hammock, head higher to compensate. Continue reading “How To Properly Hang A Hammock”