Review 2016 Louisville Slugger Z4 Slow pitch Softball Bat USSSA

Besides DeMarini and Easton, Louisville Slugger is also recognized as a trustable slow pitch softball bat maker with many amazing products. Talking about USSSA slow pitch softball bat, the Louisville Slugger Z4 had impressed a lot of players, especially hitters with their top-notch quality and competitive price.It’s even picked as one of the best USSA slow pitch softball bat of the year.

Basic specifications

Louisville Slugger Z4 USSSA Balanced Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger Z4 is 100% composite 3-piece bat. It has standard size: 34 inch total length, 12 inch in length and 2.25 inch in diameter barrel, 7-8 inch handle. There are end-loaded and balanced versions, so it offers more choice for players.


Louisville Slugger Z4 is packed with several innovative technologies and these technologies have worked effectively together to bring the bat amazing performance in every aspect from swing power, speed to reducing vibration.

Pure 360 Composite

The composite technology used in Louisville Slugger Z4 is called Pure 360. This kind of composite uses very strong yet light weight composite fiber. Therefore, the bat can produce strong swing despite its light weight. This Pure 360 composite also helps to increase durability a lot.

TRU3 technology

Most of bats in the market are one- piece or two-piece but the Louisville Slugger Z4 is considered three-piece bat because its handle and barrel are connected by a rubber insert. This is the TRU3 technology. The rubber insert plays the role to effectively direct most of the energy to the barrel to create powerful swing. Besides, it also helps to dampen vibration and give better feel upon contact.

S1iD Technology

S1iD Technology is used at the barrel of the bat. This technology could make the wall flex to maximum level and hence, create massive sweet spot and enhance trampoline effect.

Gritty Finish

Gritty finish of Louisville Slugger Z4 seems to be a minor and unnoticeable feature of Louisville Slugger Z4. However, it does contribute significantly to the performance of the bat because it can produce more spin when the bat hits the ball and send the ball to farther distance.


Louisville Slugger Z4 is sold at quite competitive price considering its high quality: from 140 to 170 USD.


Although the composite material could make the bat last for really long time, Miken still offers 1 year warranty for Louisville Slugger Z4.


Apart from numerous outstanding features, Louisville Slugger Z4 does have some minor drawbacks. First of all, its grip doesn’t bring the most comfortable and confident feel to players. Secondly, Louisville Slugger still can’t solve the problem of 100% composite bat which is break-in period, the Z4 does require long break-in period. Although this is common problem of composite bats, it’s still a disadvantage of this bat because many other bat makers have applied advanced technologies to make the composite bat hot out of wrapper.

Overall, Louisville Slugger Z4 is a rounded slow pitch softball bat which features a lot of great technology and brings more than satisfied performance. Despite some small weaknesses, it’s really worth to try at the price 150 to 170 USD.

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