Review Wilson Softball Gloves

When it comes to softball gloves, Wilson is always a trustable brand. Although their products are sold at lower price compared to other brands, the quality of Wilson softball gloves are good and worth the price. Therefore, Wilson softball gloves are loved and used by a lot of softball players. Below list includes two of the best outfield gloves from Wilson.

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Slow pitch softball glove: Wilson A360 slow pitch softball glove

Wilson A360 is specially design for recreational purpose. The gloves are made from full-grain composite leather, so they always give comfortable feel. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the gloves because they could last for several seasons thanks to durable leather material. In addition, there is 1 year warranty from manufacturer.

The most special feature of Wilson A360 gloves is the design that features oversized pocket. This big pocket creates large and deep catching area, so it’s very easy for players to catch the ball with these gloves. There is even a funny claim from Wilson that “If you can’t get leather on the ball with this, it’s not catchable”. Furthermore, the Vecro adjustable wrist will ensure that the gloves will fit well to your hand. Many people who have large hand only find Wilson A360 fit them. There is also adequate padding that ensures good comfort and protection. Wilson A360 is sold around 47 USD, this price is ideal for people who are looking for new softball gloves. However, these gloves are stiff on first use; break-in is required before the gloves can perform up to its full potential.

Fast pitch softball glove: Wilson A2000 Fast pitch Softball Glove SuperSkin Series

Wilson A2000’s most outstanding feature is its material which is a combination of pro stock leather and Superskin. Pro stock leather is durable while super skin is lightweight and strong; so this combination makes the gloves sturdy yet light and comfortable.

The comfort level is enhanced by D-Fusion padding placed below the pocket. This padding could absorb almost all the shock and create a “no sting zone”, so the hands are protected and kept comfortable during a softball match. Its pocket has dual post web design, so it is versatile enough to meet demands of different players’ positions such as midfielder or pitcher. Wilson has also applied two of their famous technologieswhich areCustom Fit System and Rebuilt Comfort Velcro Wrist into the Wilson A2000.  Thanks to these technologies, the gloves always bring a snugger fit to wearers. Besides, the DriLex lining could help to keep wearers’ hand dry because it draws moisture out. Wilson claimed that the A2000 gloves don’t need break-in but in fact, they still need break-in period to reach it top performance. However, it doesn’t take much time and effort to break-in these gloves.

When choosing Wilson softball gloves, you won’t be disappointed. Each of their products are of high quality but sold at affordable price, so you will always feel that they are worth your hard-earned money. Besides two models mentioned above, there are other good softball gloves from Wilson such as: Wilson Aura A800, Wilson Siren A500, Wilson Onyx Fast pitch …

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