Large Selection Of Good Children’s Mattresses

The most important criteria when selecting a children’s mattress are the requirements for heat and moisture content as well as the freedom from pollutants. The mattress thus warms the child from the sleeping ground, absorbs moisture easily, but it also quickly returns to the environment when airing. Natural materials like wool or coconut fiber offer the best performance, but high-quality mattresses made of foam or cold foam can be a good alternative. The children’s mattress does not have to be equipped with different mattresses for adults. The body of children is still soft and supple, and the contours that are supported by the lying zone are not affected until the age of 10.

Experts advise the breathable crib mattress to a model that is neither too hard nor too soft. Soft mattresses allow the child to sink too much in the baby bed with increasing mobility (crawling, standing and running tests) while a hard children’s mattress offers too much resistance. The hardness of the child mattress is optimal when the child sinks into the mattress up to 2 cm. Parents should find the right size when they take the rule of thumb to choose the mattress at least 25cm longer than the child is tall.


Safety through pollution free

Children’s mattresses and bedding ensure a healthy sleeping environment. In order not to endanger this, the freedom from pollution is of great importance. Children’s mattresses are accordingly regularly in focus in tests by independent test institutes. The results are taken into account by manufacturers after the publication in order to exceed the positive test scores. The high demands on children’s mattresses are also reflected in the fact that even new models, which smell easily after the materials after purchase, do not contain any dangerous pollutant concentrations. The smell can be easily removed from the children’s mattress by thorough aeration.

Pillows for each baby bed

Good bedding is also important for mattress protection, hygiene and comfort. The bedding should also be breathable in order to prevent the accumulation of heat. At the same time, watertight bedding in baby and toddler beds provide protection for the mattress when diapers are running out or comparable situations. Especially during the development of your child towards the nakedness of the wind, the bedding with high absorbency helps to an indispensable helper, which helps to remove misfortune easily.

Molton beds are popular. Molton is a solid cotton fabric that combines all the requirements for breathing activity, absorbency and uncomplicated cleaning with natural materials through special weaving processes. Other high-quality children’s beds from brands can be found next to numerous other labels, with which you can choose the equipment for the children’s room of your child.

Children’s mattresses and bedding in the summary

best crib mattress

– Good heat conduction

– Optimum moisture control

– Pollutant-free

– Medium hardness with sinking of up to 2cm optimal

– Mattress at least 25cm longer than child size

– Choose your baby a mattress that is breathable as natural as possible

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