Buying Guide: Golf Driver Comparison

More than ever, the driver becomes the “premium” club of the golf bag. All players, all levels combined, want perfection on the starting tee either straight trajectories, beautiful and powerful. This is how the choice of a driver is the object of all the attentions of the golfer, who seeks with him a perfect symbiosis.

To have the best golf game, it is essential to choose your best golf clubs set. For this you will find on this page articles bringing you many tips choosing golf clubs for man.

Buy a golf driver? I am a beginner player:

Most beginner players (high index) have modest swing speeds and do not always center their balls. To find the best golf driver it will be necessary therefore:

golf swing

A tolerant face

The larger the club head, the greater the “tolerant” impact surface. This surface is commonly called “sweetspot”. For this purpose go to heads of 440 to 460 cc (cubic centimeters) unless you make a visual or other blockage. A professional player like Henrik Stenson is much more at ease with his wood 3 than with his driver. The confidence you have in a club usually translates into distance. So there is no shame in banning the driver from his bag, especially if it slows down your progression or the pleasure you take in putting a ball in play. So first test with a golf driver to see if you are comfortable before buying a golf driver.

An important loft

As the Anglo-Saxon saying “loft is your friend” says. The higher the angle of your club face the more control you will have on its trajectory. If you start with this club, do not go below 12 °. Note that the most recent models have an adjustable loft which will allow you to explore the best compromise for you between distance and control of trajectories. You can check out a golf driver comparison to find a model with an important loft.

A flexible shaft

Opt for a graphite shaft. In most cases this is the choice proposed by the manufacturers. Whatever the material, the rigidity of the shaft is divided into three main families (Stiff – Regular – Women / Senior). If you are a beginner or if you generate a modest club speed these are the last two categories that are most indicated. Note that a graphite shaft in Regular is perfect for most beginner players. Take the test with a golf driver of these two families to find yours.

An adapted look

Whether it is white or black, pear-shaped or with more pronounced contours, your purchase of golf driver must above all put you in confidence when you are about to play your shot.

Do not focus on distance

The first goal is to put the ball on the fairway. Once this goal is achieved, they will be time to do a golf driver comparison to play on the various variables set out above, especially on a less important loft.

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