Tips For Buying A Good Pregnancy Pollow


It all depends on what you want to do with it: do you want to use your nursing cushion only during pregnancy, just for breastfeeding or for both?


If you want to use it like me during your pregnancy, as a “blanket” to relieve your heavy legs or to help you find a suitable position to sleep, opt instead for a large cushion model (minimum 140 cm long). For the exact length, make according to your own size: if you are large, go for 170cm see 190cm. Conversely, for small gauges like me: 140 cm are enough.

If your breast cushion is too small compared to you, it may be less functional and you will not be able to use it in any of the positions listed above. Conversely, if your pregnancy cushion is too large, it will quickly geez and become too bulky.

The form

Generally all in the form of large puddings, there is little difference in shape between the models.
However, make attention because shapes too curved (in the form of “U” or in the form of “moon”) are less malleable than the others.


What differentiates a real nursing pillow from a traditional bolster is the padding. While the bolster is filled with either a mixture of feathers and down, or synthetic or natural fibers, the maternity cushion is generally made up of micro beads. It can also sometimes be filled with spelled balls (cereals) that play the same role.

The main advantage of this padding in micro-balls or cereals is that it is both malleable and firm since “memory shape”: your maternity cushion will perfectly match your curves and the shape you give it while maintaining this position.

If your cushion is of good quality, the filling will be dense and there will be no “collapse” or “softening” over time, unlike the traditional bolster.

If you are a follower of “BIO”: the padding in cereals is interesting because generally comes from organic farming. In addition, the spelled ball does not give an allergy, and has soothing virtues both on the quality of sleep and on pains of the rheumatic type.

On the other hand, pay attention to the weight (heavier than the models with micro beads) and to the noise (rustle of spelled balls less discreet than that of micro beads). Attention also to maintenance that is more complicated than with a cushion in synthetic microbeads.

Conversely, if you opt for the padding in micro beads, be careful as to their composition. Some components may be toxic (“cheap” cushions often give off a “plastic” smell that is symptomatic of the presence of harmful materials)

The cover

best pregnancy pillow

Since this is what you see first and what will make the look of your cushion, as much as the cover is pretty and you like it. On this side, you will be spoiled for choice because it exists of all kinds: neutral colour or flashy, plain, patterned, cotton, velvet, etc.

But beware, the look is not the only criterion that will have to decide. Indeed, the most important thing to check before going to checkout is whether your nursing pillow is removable or not and therefore if the cover is machine washable. If this is the case for most models, it is not a generality either and it does not cost anything to check before buying his nursing pillow. Indeed, whether you buy it during your pregnancy or at the birth of your baby, you will use it several weeks or several months in a row: it is therefore essential that you can wash the cover in machine.

On some top models, you can also pass the cushion by machine at 60 ° c: this will eliminate any germs or other sources of infection.

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