Top 5 Best Women’s Shoes For Standing All Day

If your job requires you to stand all day, the first thing you need is a good pair of shoes. A wrong choice of shoes could cause not only awful pain during whole day but also serious health problems later. However, it’s not that easy to select a real good and comfortable shoes considering you only have a few minutes to try on at any shoes store. The list below will offer you some suggestions of shoes that could help you to stand all day comfortably.

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Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat

In term of fashion, this Clarks Women’s Everlay Coda Flat doesn’t look stylish or attractive to women. It’s just a simple, dark-colored, flat shoe with 1 inch heel. In fact, when you need a super comfortable pair of shoes for standing all day, most of the times you have to sacrifice a fashionable look. Put its look aside, any women would be absolutely satisfied with the comfort that the shoes bring and it is a perfect pair of shoes for standing all day.

These shoes are designed with adequate and reasonable amount of cushion, padding to support and reduce shock, pain of standing all days. Everlay Coda Flat shoes have also received many positive feedbacks from customers that there is great improvement in their feet condition after wearing them because its design makes whole body’s weight distributed evenly along the length of the feet. Besides, it also has adjustable strap to give better fit to any type of foot form.

Naturalizer Women’s Clarissa Ankle Boot

The Naturalizer Women’s Clarissa Ankle Boot is a good choice for standing all day at a workplace. It’s a simple ankle boot coming in 3 color options (brown, navy, charcoal). It doesn’t have the type of look that could amaze women but it’s not out-of-date in term of fashion. In fact, Naturalizer Women’s Clarissa Ankle Boot could be very stylish with a suitable outfit. However, on top of that, this ankle boot is loved by people because of its comfort. There are plenty of comfortable features that Naturalizer has added into this model such as ankle with padded collar, new advanced N5 comfort system, flexible sole… A small zip in one side of the shoes is cleverly designed for a better fit. Thanks to all effort of Naturalizer to increase comfort level of this product, it is praised by customers that it does help them to not only stand all day but also walk all day without any pain on their feet.

Scholl’s Women’s Storm Work Shoe

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Storm Work Shoe is not really a suitable pick for office women considering its sturdy and sneaker-like look. However, it has the combination of all most advanced features which could bring ultimate comfort. Therefore, this shoe is the best choice for women who have to stand all day as long as they don’t need a feminine pair of shoes to wear with their graceful dress. Dr. Scholl has impressed all of its customers, even the most difficult and demanding one because its comfort is in a whole new level that no other shoes in the market could offer. It’s the result of special design and several outstanding features. The sole is slip and oil resistant to keep you safe when walking on dangerous surfaces. Besides, padding, anti-compression insole, moisture wicking lining… would help to protect your foot and avoid the pain from long standing.

Dansko Women’s Mathilda BL Mary Jane Flat

Dansko Women’s Mathilda BL Mary Jane Flat

The Dansko Women’s Mathilda BL Mary Jane Flat is one of rare shoes that have both attractive look and high level of comfort. As its name implies, this shoes has classic flat Mary Jane form with some simple decorations that could match your feminine outfits. On top of that, this shoe has all features that could ensure a comfortable feeling when wearing it. Synthetic sole, leather upper and a simple trap could minimize the shock when waking. Besides, there is an arch on its footbet so it could perfectly fit your foot form and as a result, prevent strain of foot caused by standing for too long.

Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer

Almost all of the women comfort shoes are flat because a high heel would make your weight distributed more toward the toes and as a result, cause pain to foot and joints. However, if you still want your comfort shoes to have a bit of height, Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer would be a good answer. 2-inch heel would be ideal height to suit many types of women’s outfit, working places and not cause serious pain. Although having heel, Clarks designers have done their best to maintain same comfort level as flat shoes. It has cushion lining and ortholite footbed to support your foot and keep it protected in every movement. The synthetic material used to make this shoe even doesn’t need any break-in time and you could enjoy it benefits right after purchasing.

The 5 above mentioned shoes are selected as the best 5 women shoes for standing all day. Of course, there are still numerous other choices in the market. However, slip-resistance, material, support and comfort are the 4 most important factors that you have to check carefully before making decision.

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