Golf swing analyser – an ideal accessory for golf lover

You looking for a gift idea for a great golf enthusiast and did not know much about it, you find it so hard to choose a good thing… Well here is the gift idea that should delight him! A golf swing analyzer.

Where most trackers measure the physical activity of the user, there are manufacturers that specialized in the field of tracking during sports activities, proposing to be interested in the position of certain parts of the body and the golf club. They create an advanced technology tool used with an iphone and a dedicated application to enhance the quality of a golf game, which is called golf swing analyser.

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It is a very extraordinary gift idea made possible thanks to the smartphone and their applications. This sensor is capable of analyzing the swing of a golfer will really help him progress!

A best golf swing analyzer is really a revolutionary training system with a motion detector and an application.that helps you analyze your skills and improve you. The analyzer is simply attached to your glove and wirelessly transfers the data to your smartphone where you can see your swing in 3D from any angle.

The connection of objects beyond the computer field to host billions of everyday devices: the shows connected to the golf swing analyzer, via the wireless home alarm connected.

The importance of using a golf swing analyzer

The player will place the golf swing analyzer on his golf glove so that each of his swings, whether the detail of each movement or power and angle during the swing, will be captured, analyzed and reconstructed in 3D. Moreover, if the player places his iPhone in his back pocket, the rotation of the hips is measured.

Some of this kind of dedicated applications are free, golfers can download and stall them to collect all the data and analyze the quality of the game.

The collected data is sent to its smartphone or iPhone and analyzed to provide a detailed report as well as statistics allowing the golfer to improve in his timing for example.

A swing analyzer, giving all parameters of the club and ball impact, adapts best to the club player. It is also a tool, which can be rented on site for players wanting to improve their swing. It allows you to analyze the different parameters of your shots. Just select a club and perform your shot. Featuring many optical sensors, the golf swing analyser will analyze club head acceleration, angle, velocity, distance reached, ball path, including sidespin and translate this information from the shot visible on the screen.

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Improving your skills with a golf swing analyzer

Follow the number of your right shots, setbacks, services and smashes including the force you apply to each shot or during an entire match. You can also measure how many topspin, slice and base shots you hit, and save how long have you been active on your field of play.

Analyze and improve your game by using this gadget, you can watch your games in real time on your smartphone or tablet. Buy and use a golf swing analyzer to track your movements, share and compare your data with others, and get helpful tips to improve your game.

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