What are the most used in Fast-Pitch Softball Bats

Bates fastpitch softball run the gamut from basic aluminum bats solid construction for highly engineered compounds. As fastpitch softball grows, composite bats are taking the lead as the most used in the game sticks. The compound defined bats.

Unlike Slowpitch Softball Bat, high-performance fast pitch softball bat uses the best composite materials resistant tapping. These advances have enabled designers softball bat to exaggerate the surface of the barrel without sacrificing strength or stability bat.

Batting with bat flex and recoil action dictates the distance of a stroke. The greater the decline, the harder the ball flies off the bat. Bats are compounds capable of generating more flex and the retreat of bats solid construction and are primarily responsible for the higher performance hit.


Used materials

Current fast pitch softball bats composite designs are available in combinations of graphite, glass, alloy, aluminum and resin.

ASA Certifications

Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) periodically and tests random samples of models of bats carry the proprietary language “ASA approved” certification mark to verify compliance with the performance standards bat.

Budget Considerations

Each manufacturer uses the bat to describe their products and advantages. Select the best bat based on the level of a game player, then budget accordingly.

How to choose your stick?


Size barrel (or barrel):

The measurement of the diameter of the largest was the bat (in inches, generally it is 2”5 / 8 for an adult bat)

The higher the long barrel, the better the contact surface.

Adhering tape (or grip):

This is usually a tape or a rubber handle that absorb vibration at the contact between the bat and the ball.  Leather or synthetic give a feeling reinforced for better grip.

Drop or ratio:

The ratio is the difference between the length and weight of a bat (ratio = length – weight), it gives values of -3, -5, -10, etc.

For the same bat size, one with a high ratio will be more manageable.

Materials used:


The wooden stick is used by pros or at the highest levels in France (national championship D1, D2, and N1), it offers a comfortable typing, and the others do not match.

However, it has three major disadvantages

  • It breaks quickly
  • The punching power is less than aluminum bat
  • The size of the sweet spot is smaller (contact area on the bat to which the force will be better returned to the ball)


The alloy bats are used by young people or lower level leagues because they offer considerable advantages.

  • Very durable (lasting several years)
  • Strike is much stronger than wooden bats
  • Sweet spot broad


Composite Bats materials are a mix of the two. They usually consist of a resin coating of composite materials such as carbon, Kevlar or fiberglass. This resin is then associated with wood or aluminum alloy for a more reliable bat in the case of timber or a nicer stick and more robust in the event of aluminum.

Usually composite bats sound like a wooden bat during a particular time and then the sound changes to something more “dry” after the bat has been sufficiently used.

The two principal drawbacks of composite bats are:

  • Their prices are high.
  • The range (it is not advisable to use them in the 15-18 ° under penalty of fast breaks notably for composite / aluminum)

Selection criteria:

Now that you have chosen the type of bat you want, the final thing that you want to measure is its size and weight. A bat is chosen according to your body size and your gaming experience (an experienced player is more likely to wield a heavy stick).

Tips for Beginners:

  • Light alloy bats increase the surface area of the “sweet spot” on the barrel allowing solid contact.
  • A novice player should learn to type as close to the “sweet spot.”
  • Opt for a lighter bat to maintain speed, which is the highest priority class.
  • Have a light enough to swing the bat with enough speed to wallop the ball.
  • For kids: have you child holds the baseball bat, arm out. If you cannot hold the stick for 20 seconds without the arm starts shaking, it’s too heavy, try the bats of your teammates.

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